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Magento Sales Notification – Boost Your Sales

Every users would want to know what the products on your store are there. There is a solution to let you notify your customers about recently sold products at your store with pop-up notifications.”Easy Magento Notification-Boost Your Sales Extension” is an easy-to-use extension, displaying real-time notifications on your website.

Show real time recent sales notifications on Magento store to notify visitors about the products sold at your store globally.Your visitors will receive notifications every time a product is sold at your store.

Key Features:
– Enable/disable for backend.
– Amin can select notification interval and display time to make shopping.
– Product Information Displayed.
– Product sales notification will display all information regarding the product sold including product name, image, item number and location etc.
– Real-Time Order Notifications.
– Recent Sales Notification displays unlimited real-time notifications.

-Increase Product visibility.
Steps to be taken for Installation

Step-1. Login with your Magento admin

Step-2. Go to system -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager

Step- 3. Login with Magento Connect Manager (with your Magento admin credentials)

Step-4. Upload package file (purchased file) in direct package file upload section and click on upload.

Step-5. Return to Magento admin and clear cache from System -> Cache Management

. Logout from Magento admin and re-login.

How to Enable and Disable the Extension?

Step-1. Go to System -> Configuration -> Recent Sales Order Notice

Step-2. Select YES to Enable and NO to Disable the extension from Admin.

Front End Demo of the Extension

Step-1.Show on bottom order sales notification.


ZippySearch: Profit and Sales Projection Report in WooCommerce


Profit and sales projection report is very powerful woocommerce plugin that allow WooCommerce store owners to make deep insight into their business’s profit and sales projection report. With this plugin, store owners can examine the weekly, monthly and yearly profit and orders report. More or, the profit and sales projection report plugin also gives store owner the information about profit projection and sale projection by monthly and yearly.

Important Features
1. View Graphical Representation of the Sales Profit
This woocommerce plugin allows store owner to view graphical representation of their store’s total sales profit. One can get the detail of their sales profit for a particular date, product, and product’s category.

2. View Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Profit and Orders
This plugin also offers store owners to check weekly, monthly and yearly profit and orders report.

3. Show Profit Projection by Yearly and Monthly
Through this plugin, store owners can view their annually and monthly store’s profit projection report in graphical format..

4. Show Sales Projections by Monthly and Yearly
This plugin shows to store owners the graphical representation of their store’s sales projections report by Monthly and Yearly.

Demo Details

user :: demo114

passoword :: demo114