ZippySearch: Prestashop Request a Quote Module


The #1 of Prestashop Module for request a Quote from website to owner store.

For Merchant

  • Increase your revenue, by giving your clients the option of creating a quote in a few clicks
  • Notification in Email or Dashboard when New message or New Quote

Nice Features
Add a button to Product page

Email to admin & customer after Send Quote or Reply any Message

Customer can click directly Reply from link in Email, No login required.

Also Customer can read/manage Quote/Quote detail from their dashboard

Notification in admin Dashboard when any New message or any New Quotation

Admin can manage Quotation, Settings:

Full Features

  • Creates a button of ‘Add to Quote’ on product pages
  • Unlimited quantity product, combination, attributes for add to Quote List
  • Customer can review Quotation List before send It to admin
  • Email alerts to customer and merchant when a quotation is sent
  • Admin can change all email templates in dashboard
  • Admin can add / setup multiple email addresses to receive notification
  • Multiple languages in email template
  • A customer can request multiple Quotation
  • Customer can manage their Quotation List from their dashboard after logged in Frontend
  • Admin can manage, view detail, remove all Quotes in Backend
  • Admin can view history of communication or send messages to the customers who have to request a quote from Backend
  • Alert to admin when any customer reply message through Backend and Email
  • Customer can view any Quote’s detail: see history of communication or send messages to the admin from their dashboard after logged in with your account
  • Admin & Customer can view message Unread, read from dashboard
  • Customer directly reply message with no Sign in on website: When admin send any messages to customer from backend. An Email will send to customer include a Unique link. Customer can click this link to view detail their Quote and directly reply to admin from this URL with no Sign in, it is easier! Also customer can reply message from their dashboard after logged in website.
  • Unique ID and Number is generated for each quote
  • Compatible to multiple languages
  • Responsive on Tablet, Mobile
  • Compatible Prestashop Cloud


  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Clean code
  • Cache system…

For Customer

  • Get best price with exclusive Quotation
  • Save Chat history, Quotation on their account

ZippySearch: SO Page Builder – The OpenCart Page Builder Module


SO Page Builder is Drag and Drop Page Builder Module for Opencart

SO Page Builder is a powerful and easy-to-use OpenCart module that will help you quickly to build an entire website with the short time and effortless. Creating any pages by adding any OpenCart modules and the most popular shortcodes supported. This module allows you to drag and drop module and shortcodes according to the each row and column. Using Page Builder helps you to customize every small single element on the theme.

This Page Builder module has clean UI Layout Design and 18+ different shortcodes that let you add maps, forms, charts, pricing table, buttons, gallery, video, call-to-action box and many more elements to any page without touching any code line. It works correctly on any OpenCart themes.

In particular, this awesome Page Builder module provides many styles for each element and many customizable options like width, height, text color, background color, transition styles… which enable users to customize any shortcode easily as they want. One more unique thing, you can combine shortcodes together to get the best results without breaking your site.


There are 7 beautiful demo pages for you choose from. It enables you to create any fashion store, hi-tech store, furniture store, and other pages with ease.


SO Page Builder comes with 18 in-built shortcodes like: accordion, button, gallery, pricing table, testimonials, togglable tabs…which help you to create your Prestashop website easily. All you have to do is choose shortcodes you like from the library and do some tweaks.


SO Page Builder supports drag and drop to build any layout and live editing. It allows you to adjust your content quickly and easily.


It is a fantastic module, which you can integrate it into any OpenCart theme you want.


  • Support Opencart 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
  • Drag and drop to build layout
  • Reorder modules with drag&drop
  • Support 18+ amazing shortcodes: Accordion, Box, Contact Form, Content Slider, Countdown, Counter, Feature Box, Flickr, Gallery, Google Map, Image Carousel, Lightbox, Our Skills, Pricing Table, Product Carousel, Social Icon, Testimonial, Togglable Tabs
  • Easy to install and use
  • Work with any theme.
  • Support Bootstrap 3
  • Support Font-Awesome 4.0.3
  • Support RTL Languages
  • Support modern responsive design
  • Powered by CSS3
  • and much more…

That’s it. Are you ready to get this great module? If not yet, let’s check demo right now and you’ll love it!

VERSION 1.1.0 – Released on Aug 30, 2016
+ Support Opencart version 2.3.x
VERSION 1.0.0 – Released on Aug 30, 2016
– Initial release

ZippySearch: NAB Transact Hosted Payment Page Prestashop Module


Documentation NAB Transact Hosted Payment Page Prestashop Module

Module Features FrontEnd

– Pay by Credit Card via NAB Transact Hosted Page

Module Features Backend
– Admin need config Merchant ID of NAB.
– Sandbox Mode.
– Enable log.
– Admin can disable NAB Hosted Payment Page.

Test account
– user name:
– pass: 123456

Test card Info
– Card: 4444333322221111
– Cvv: 123
– Exp: 01/2020

Version 1.0.0 • 2016.08.29

+ Initial release.

ZippySearch: NAB Hosted Payment Page Opencart Module


Documentation NAB Hosted Payment Page Opencart Module

Module Features FrontEnd

– NAB Hosted Payment Page

Module Features Backend
– Admin need config Merchant ID of NAB.
– Sandbox Mode.
– Geo Zone.
– Enable log.
– Admin can disable NAB Hosted Payment Page.

Test account
– user name: test
– pass: 123456

Test card Info
– Card: 4444333322221111
– Cvv: 123
– Exp: 01/2020

Version 1.0.0 • 2016.08.11

+ Initial release.

ZippySearch: PLMB – Powerful Laravel Module Builder – CRUD Generator + Dynamic Report Builder + Admin Template



With Powerful Laravel Module Builder (PLMB) you can create your custom module with custom fields and UI in ONE minute. PLMB is tool that generateyour CRUD Model, Controller, View, Migration automatically. Also you can define name, data type, length, validation rule and  HTML control. The module created that add to admin panel automatically. PLMB integrated with YEP Golabi Admin  Template to generate blade view.

The modules based on Laravel Package and it’s portable. Portable means you can copy module package to other project and use it.

With PLMB you can make relationship with other modules that you created. This relationship can be many-to-many or many-to-one. Of course you can remove your relationships and create again.

Dynamic Query & Report Builder is one of the best features about PLMB that works based on Laravel Eloquent ORM. With Query Builder you can select on database as visually easy as piewithout write code. Also you can Print, Export XLS, Save , Edit and Remove your reports.

 This is demo clip PLMB

PLMB Main Features:

  • Laravel CRUD Module Builder
  • Relationship maker between modules that created by yourself
  • Dynamic Query & Report Builder from your modules data
  • Store Activity Logs from module actions



Laravel Module CRUD Builder Features Details:

  • Create unlimited fields with custom name
  • Define field data type (like integer, string, boolean, …)
  • Define length of field (only for string)
  • Define validation rule for each field (by Laravel Validation Rule)
  • Define HTML Form Control for display each field
  • Define field can be searchable, fillable, showable (in form & grid) or not
  • Create CRUD Migration, Model, Controller, View after submit module
  • Add the module to PLMB admin panel automatically
  • Edit and Remove module at any time
  • Create custom laravel package for each module (this package is portable)
  • Run migrate & dump-autoload command after create module automatically



Relation Builder or Diagram DesignerFeatures Details:

  • Create many-to-one relationship between your modules
  • Create many-to-many relationship between your modules
  • Merge two package module in one package while creating a relationship
  • Delete relationship
  • Filter between relationship



Dynamic Query & Report Features Details:

  • Create query by your modules and related modules
  • Select custom field to display in report table
  • Filter data by date fields with datepicker
  • Filter data by your module fields
  • Filter data by various conditions (such as Like, Equal, Greater than, Less than, Not like,…)
  • Add unlimited filter
  • Make AND, OR between several condition
  • Order report by your custom field as Ascending & Descending
  • Display report with pagination
  • Export report as Excel file
  • Print report
  • Save report
  • Delete and Edit report


Activity Log Features Details:

  • Store activity log by module, action, date, IP address to keep history
  • It’s useful for debug, support and security





ZippySearch: Order Preference Number Module Prestashop


Order Perference Number module allows to changes the order reference AERTDF to 000001. Reference length can be set from 1 to 9. When set Order Prefix “IN_” , order will use refrence such as 123, and when set Order Lenght to 9, it will be IN_000123.